Thursday, 17 May 2012

Stockpile for MoP: Pets edition.

For some time i have seen some players talk about the stockpile for MoP and know for a fact alot of players wish to stockpile pets BUT have no idea where to buy all the nice little vendor pets, well now you shall know as i am going to tell you.


Darnassus, Vendor-Shylenai.

At this vendor you shall find the  Hawkowl and Greater harned owl For 45 silver each.

Exodar, Vendor-Sixx.

This is the vendor that sell's moth eggs of many colors! The pets are Blue moth egg, White moth egg, Yellow moth egg  and these cost 47s 5c each.

Elwynn Forest, Vendor-Donni Anthania.

These pets are the ones i love the most, for the fact i love cats!
Cat carrier cornish rex, Cat carrier-bombay, Cat carrier silver tabby ,Cat carrier orange tabby. These only cost 34s each!

Stormwind, Vendor-Lil'Timmy.

This little guy sells another kitten with limited supply.
Cat carrier white kitten. This has a price tag of only 60s.

Ironforge, Vendor  Yarlyn Amberstill.

This guy is found just south of the ironforge entrance.
Rabbit crate snowshoe. The price to buy one is 20s.


Undercity: Vendor-Jememiah Dayson.

Here you can find a disgusting little pet,
Cockroach 50s

Thunder Bluff, Vendor-Holpa

Dog lovers beware, you will want to snag this deal.
Praire dog 50s

Orgimmar, Vendor-Xan'Tish.

This vendor sells our slimey friends the snake!
Brown snake,Black King and Crimson snake 50s each.

Silvermoon City, Vendor-Jilanne.

Found just south of Silvermoon in Fairbreeze, The Dragonhawk hatchling.
Golden dragonhawk hatchling, Red dragonhawk Hatchling and Silver dragonhawk hatchling 50s each.

Neutral faction vendors.

The Stormspire, Vendor-Dealer Rashaad.

We have a nice list of pets here, some sell like hotcakes on the AH.
Brown Rabbit 9g, Crimson snake 45s, Cat carrier Siamese 54s, Red Moth Egg 9g, Mana Wyrmling 36g, Parrot cage Segal 36s, Cockroach 45s, Blue Dragonhawk 9g.

Dalaran, Vendor-Breanni.

All the pets here i have loved to buy as not many players know they are here.
Obsidian hatchling, Calico cat, Albino snake. 40G each

Bootybay, Vendor-Narkk

These are rather well known vendor pets but they can still sell for a nice profit.
Parrot cage cockatiel, Parrot cage senegal 38s each.

Thousand Needles, Vendor-Magus Tirth

Chickin buk buk chickin! Only joking but now you can own a chicken! Now with working egg laying! (These pets do not lay eggs)
Ancona chicken 1G each.

Winterspring, Vendor-Michelle De Rum

Save the best for last eh? Now these are one of the best looking and most sought after vendor pets in the game.
Winterspring cub 50G each.

Well guys thats it for the vendor pets guide, If you have any questions be sure to ask them and i will try and answer.

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